A Notice About My Inactivity

Hello fellow booknerds and bloggers!

Some of you may have visited my blog recently and noticed that I haven’t been active for some time. While this deeply frustrates me, it is an issue that shall be resolved soon (Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Dear God, I can’t go on like this much longer.). You see, I’m currently in the middle of IB testing month; for anyone who’s doing IB or AP, you most certainly understand the struggle. I’m almost finished, my last exam takes place on next Monday, so hopefully I will be back on and posting more actively. Until then, wish me luck!

See ya soon,

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8 thoughts on “A Notice About My Inactivity

  1. I wish you so much luck and awesomeness on your testing! I also haven’t been very acting with blogging, due to library life work shenanigans and related exhaustion, but I’m also hoping to fix that very soon!

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