LET’S TALK: FE&L #2- Badass Female Protagonists in YALit


Badass Female Protagonists in YALit


Hello everyone, i was invited by Batool to write/discuss about female empowerment in YALit. Thanks Batool for inviting me to share my thoughts!

I’ll be here today talking about my favorite badass female protagonists in YA! Funny story is, as I look around my bookshelves, I notice how many books I have written by female authors with badass female protagonists. I don’t know why i’m always so attracted to them, the cover, the author, the concept, the female protagonist? I don’t know, but what i do know is what I love most about them:

  1. Strong stories with deeper meanings
  2. Strong Female Protagonists (Whether they’re saving the world or discovering life)
  3. Stronger friendships

The words that keep popping up are ‘strong’. It’s true, look at Katniss Everdeen (standing up for what she belives in), Tris Prior (putting everyone’s life before her own) and so many more. They’re are real and flawed. Believable and relatable. Female empowerment in YALit, to me are very important for guys and girls to read. It could give them a better meaning of Feminism and its importance in society today. I, myself am a feminist and truly believe women need to be equal to men. They should have the same opportunities as men, paid the same and they should be any different. It’s really unfortunate to see the struggle.

So as I said before, let me show you who my favorite Badass Female Protagonists are!


TRIS PRIOR (Divergent)

ELISA DE VEGA (The Girl of Fire and Thorns)

ROSE HATHAWAY (Vampire Academy)

Not only are these four young woman ‘Strong’ and ‘Badass’, but are all woman with insecurities. They are flawed and when i read their transformations throughout their stories, i could believe them. They were true.

The importance of having books about having female empowerment in YALit, is how it can impact someone’s life. Like mine, every book has taught me something, but Tris taught me to be ‘brave’ and Katniss taught me how to stand up for myself. It can give a young woman/man insight on why Woman should be equal with Men. There is no middle or inbetween. No ifs, or buts.

Equality for all is key.



image2 (1)My names Andrew and I blog at endlesslyreading99.wordpress.com and tweet at @heyiamdivergent99!
I read, I write and listen to music. Trying to get through high school (4 years till College!) And think I’m pretty funny (sort of).


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