So, you may have noticed that my blog looks kind of different. Thanks to my awesome and super talented friend, Nadira, I now have an amazing new header, so I decided to change my layout to match it! The new layout will take some getting used to since it’s pretty different from my old one. I hope you guys like the new setup as much as I do, though. It took A LOT of trying out of different themes to find the perfect one to go with the image (for about 5 hours my header was a default image of bananas because I couldn’t get to a computer during to change it during the school day). ANNYYYWAYYYS, I’m proud of the way my blog looks now, I just wish I could change the background color to something else. Maybe I’ll invest in a premium WordPress membership in the future since it gives me so many more options in terms of color scheme and fonts. Well, I’d better go work on some homework I’ve been procrastinating on *insert frowny face*.



4 thoughts on “Makeover!

  1. Looks great, Batool! Love it. Oh, and you should know, thanks to you I bought Unravel Me. Not sure when I’ll read it – am I ready for a trip down metaphor lane – but it’s there, in the TBR pile, waiting for me. Thought you’d get a kick out of that. Anyway, I love the new look. Rock on with you bad self.


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