I #SupportWNDB – The Series: Ferguson, Diverse Books, and Empathy

This is a guest post I did on Madhuri Baylock’s blog. It’s one of several posts in the I#SupportWNDB series, and I highly recommend checking out some of the other posts as they are very good 🙂



Ferguson, Diverse Books, and Empathy


Thank you, Madhuri, for giving me the opportunity to express my opinion on such an important topic.

I have been asked to talk about why We Need Diverse Books is such an important movement to me. To do this, I will refer to the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.

On November 24th, 2014 the decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson was made. Despite the fact that he killed an unarmed eighteen year old, a boy only one year older than me, he was released and given the opportunity to continue living his life as he had before. However, Michael Brown, the murdered teen, will never walk on this earth again. His family and friends will have to live with the pain of his loss forever embedded in their hearts and minds. And they have not given been justice.

What horrifies me…

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