Character Appreciation Post #2

Full Name: Robin Goodfellow/ Puck

Series: The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa

Background: famous and centuries old living legend, and can be found in Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream; the royal jester for the Summer Faery court; notoriously known for playing tricks on even the most powerful people, and causing trouble just for the heck of it; possesses faery magic, known as glamour; preferred weapon of choice is a daggar; loves apples; likes to get on everyone’s nerves as much as possible

Qualities: HILARIOUS; cocky; confident; sneaky; super loyal; very skilled fighter; fiercely protective; loves travel and adventure; puts other people’s happiness and well-being ahead of his own; not one to hold a grudge (unless you’ve done something to one of his friends, then hoo-mama  you’d better watch out); never takes anything too seriously; likes to make jokes at even the most inappropriate times

Physical Appearance: spiky, fiery red hair; perpetual smirk; emerald eyes that always sparkle mischievously; tall; lean

Puck is initially introduced as the protagonist, Meghan’s, human best friend, Robbie Goodfell, until she enters the faery world with him and realizes that he himself is a summer faery. He is charged by King Oberon, the king of the summer fey, with protecting Meghan, and for this reason he does everything he can to keep her safe. Of course, he also cares for her very much and ends up going against Oberon’s orders and risking his ire to help Megan with her adventures throughout the series. He protects her from everything, ranging from mortal high school bullies to big, scary, magical creatures. His frequent and random jokes/comments make him one of the best (if not the best) characters in the whole series.


Puck 4

Puck 1

Puck 2

Puck 3


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