Character Appreciation Post #1

I’ve been wanting to do a series of “Character Appreciation Posts” (CAPs?) to highlight my favorite characters from different books and series. The first one I decided to go with is Kenji, so here it is!

Full name: Kenji Kishimoto

Series: Shatter Me/ Touching Juliette by Tahereh Mafi

Background: Approximately 24 years old; orphaned at a young age; has the power to turn invisible; is initially introduced as a soldier under the Reestablishment (the series’ dictatorial government); described as being of Japanese descent

Qualities: Funny; intelligent; slightly immature; a little crude; says what’s on his mind; can be mature and serious when necessary; great friend; well built, good looking

Kenji starts off in the first book as a side character and friend to Adam Kent (the protagonist’s initial love interest), but then his role grows and he ends up having the important job of leading the protagonist, Juliette, to join the resistance against the Reestablishment. Throughout the rest of the series, his relationship with Juliette grows and develops and they become best friends. Kenji often gets stuck between Juliette and her love interests, and he isn’t scared to tell her how he feels about that. He calls Juliette out on all her BS and often reminds her that the world has bigger problems than her relationship problems. At one point in the series, Kenji is described as “a walking paradox of Unflinchingly Serious Person and 12-Year-Old Boy Going Through Puberty all rolled into one”.


Kenji 1Kenji 3

Kenji 4Kenji 2

Do you have any other favorite quotes from Kenji, or know of another character similar to Kenji that you’ve read about? Leave a comment! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Character Appreciation Post #1

  1. Ahhhhh I freaking love this! Kenji was one of the best parts of that whole series! I love how after he mentions Bruce Lee, Juliette says “Who is that?” and Kenji just about disowns her. He is an incredible bff. Seriously, the way he sticks with Juliette no matter what (Adam) crazy shit gets thrown her way is just epic. Love. Kenji!

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    • I know! I firmly believe that the series would not have been the same without Kenji. Yes!! He’s a total Bruce Lee fanboy haha. Exactly, he’s a great friend for being able to put up with everything and being supportive of her all the time. He’s the best


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